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hang a shelfDespite the fact that drywall board is considered to be quite a popular material, some effects on it are highly undesirable. This also applies to the maximum load, for example, when the shelf or decor elements are hung on drywall. The heavier and larger they are, the greater the chance that the integrity of the drywall will be broken, the material will crack and spoil the appearance of the surface if at all it does not drop the shelf or the suspended object.

The usual way to fix a heavy shelf on a drywall (or any volumetric accessory, decor element, etc.) may not work since the weight of the product will simply crumble the material of the wall covering and ruin the overall picture and mood. But for this, there is a special way: fixing the shelf on the metal stud with using special fasteners. In the required place, a hole is drilled, through the drywall and the stud on which it is fixed. To find the metal profile of the frame, on which the drywall is fixed, it is necessary to use a wall beam finder.

Further, into the hole through the profile, insert the butterfly dowel and the screw itself with the main attachment for the suspended element. Everything is clamped with a necessary effort so that the wall can withstand pressure, and the finished fastening — the weight of the suspended element of furniture or decor. For a more detailed explanation, you can see the video.

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